To our Valued Customers and the Australian Road Transport Community,

You can always depend on the JOST Team – Yes, we are still open for business!

One thing you can rely on in this uncertain and unpredictable time is that JOST Australia will do our utmost to keep you moving. We have good stock available in our five state branches and our global supply chain is working overtime to ensure that this is replenished. Most importantly of all, the JOST Australia team has changed its working practices so we are still 100%!

The safety, health and well-being of our staff and customers remain our number one priority. Over the last six (6) weeks JOST has been working around the clock developing a range of contingencies to ensure that we;

  1. Adhere to government authority advice.

    1. We are practicing safe social and working distancing.
    2. We have increased hygiene practices ensuring we are continually cleaning throughout the day.
    3. We are limiting all interactions with external suppliers to online only.

  2. All customers are encouraged to continue working with JOST.

    1. Our warehousing, manufacturing, assembly and fitting teams are still operational.
    2. We are open for any urgent VOR (breakdowns) or inspections
    3. We have transitioned nearly all non-essential personnel to work from home thereby reducing the risk of interactions between essential and non-essential staff.
    4. We are maintaining current workflows.

      • There is no interference or interruption with JOST operations.
      • All orders are being processed and dispatched as normal.
      • Our warehouses nationally are stocked.

    5. All of our IT and phones are in operation via portals.
    6. Our phones work as though we are literally sitting in the chair in the office. (you will notice very little difference)

  3. We also have in place an additional 2 stage contingency process to ensure we continue working through the Covid-19 scenario.

    1. This means that in the unlikely event that the 1st team goes down or is sent home, we have a second team ready to come in and take over.
    2. And finally, if we lose the 2nd team, we have plans in place for a 3rd team to come in and take over so we are well positioned to go through a range of ‘What ifs?’
    3. This is in place throughout Australia.

We understand this is a very difficult time and we will continue working and playing a role in making a positive contribution to the nation’s efforts. Please keep safe and well and rest assured that we are always available to assist your business through this very difficult time.


The Jost Australia Team.

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