Privacy Statement

JOST Australia Pty Limited ABN 60 001 081 778 ('Jost') is bound by the National Privacy Principles ('NPPs'), as set out in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

To comply with our obligations under the NPPs this Privacy Statement and Jost's Privacy Policy (set out below) set out how we manage privacy in our organisation. You are welcome to receive more information about the Policy.


Privacy and Confidentiality

As responsible corporate citizens we appreciate the importance of the confidentiality of your personal information. This part of the obligation remains unchanged by our Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy deals with your additional right to privacy under the NPPs, and is independent of our contractual and ethical obligations.

This Privacy Statement and Privacy policy is current as at 21 December 2001. From time to time, Jost may review or update the Privacy Policy, to take account of changes to privacy laws, Jost's business practices and the community's changing privacy expectations. You may request us to send you a copy of our privacy policy at any time.

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